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Within this page you find an overview to that of the publications, which were provided by the team of wecon.it-consulting until now.

For a better overview we made an organization into different categories and show only the newest four publications of every category. A complete list of all the publications in a certain category is available using the corresponding link at the end of every short list.

Here are the categories in a short overview:

  articles: Articles in various technical magazines
  talks: Talks of wecon.it-consulting on (inter)national meetings
  tutorials: Tutorials of wecon.it-consulting on (inter)national meetings

Many of the publications shown here are available as pdf-documents for a small amount of bucks on the web-site of the responsible publisher. Further on you may find some of our publicatiosn as html-versions in the net - if so, the title of the corresponding publication will be directly linked with it.

And now have fun with reading our stuff!


  • Joerg Heidrich, and Christoph Wegener
    Weitergabe und Speicherung von IP-Adressen: Wann und wie ist das rechtmäßig?  DE  
    UpTimes, Volume 01/2010, Page NN (ISBN NN)

  • Christoph Wegener, and Marcel Holtmann
    Toothsome  EN  
    Linux-Magazine, Volume 04/2010, Page 20-24 (ISSN 1471-5678)

  • Joerg Heidrich, and Christoph Wegener
    Datenschutzrechtliche Aspekte bei der Weitergabe von IP-Adressen  DE  
    DuD - Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, Volume 03/2010, Page 172-177 (ISSN 1614-0702)

  • Joerg Heidrich, and Christoph Wegener
    Allzu sorglose Weitergabe und Speicherung von IP-Adressen?  DE  
    Tagungsband zum 17. Workshop "Sicherheit in vernetzten Systemen"
    DFN CERT, February 2010, Page J1-J10 (ISBN 978-3-8391-9334-1)

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